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Quality and Innovation
since 1972

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Aluminum Handle Manufacturers

A Journey of Creativity and Design

This is the story of Brialma, a company that stands out among aluminum handle manufacturers. With over fifty years of experience, we are recognized nationally and internationally for the combination of tradition, innovation, and design in each of our creations. Our story begins in the 1970s, with the founding of Brialma and the goal of becoming a reference point among aluminum handle manufacturers. Since then, our founders have turned this ambition into reality, leading the company towards success and continuous growth.

Our Production Philosophy

Our dedication extends to all of our products, which include handles, knobs for entrance doors, pull handles, sliding lifters, DK hammers, Security Kits, solutions for PVC and aluminum doors, accessories for armored and sliding doors, plates, rosettes and vents, hammers, and cremone bolts. Each item is an example of functionality, style, and durability. Our experience as aluminum handle manufacturers has allowed us to deeply understand the needs of our customers.

Complete Production Cycle

We offer a wide range of products adaptable to different styles and environments, thanks to our various finishes, from polished gold to white and black painting, passing through silver, bronze, stainless steel, and satin finishes. Our mission is to continuously improve in the production of aluminum handles by investing in research and development and using advanced technologies. This commitment to innovation has allowed us to always be at the forefront, offering high-quality products that meet the needs of our customers.

Aluminum Handle Manufacturers

We maintain high standards of quality in all stages of aluminum handle production. Our experience, combined with dedication to detail and precision, ensures that every product coming out of our facility is an example of functionality, durability, and design. Behind every success of Brialma is a team of dedicated professionals passionate about aluminum handle production. We take pride in our work and are determined to continue creating high-quality products that meet customer expectations. Aluminum handle production is the heart of our business and what has established us as leaders in the industry. Our goal is to continue raising standards, exceeding customer expectations, and leading the industry with our passion, quality, and innovation. Welcome to Brialma, where tradition meets innovation in aluminum handle production. Every product is the result of a perfect balance between design, functionality, and quality, crafted with the passion and experience of those who have dedicated themselves to this craft for over fifty years.