Maniglie in alluminio 100% riciclabile

Since more than
50 years


Recyclable aluminum handles

100% Made in Italy

Welcome to the world of Brialma, a leading company in the aluminum handle manufacturing sector and a symbol of excellence in design and quality. For more than fifty years, we have been involved in the production of aluminum handles and are appreciated in Italy and around the world, known for our passion, dedication, and constant capacity for innovation. Brialma was founded in the early ’70s as a small production reality and, thanks to the determination and talent of its founders, has quickly transformed into one of the reference companies for the production of aluminum handles. We operate in the national and international market with the superior quality of our products, supported by cutting-edge technology and a solid experience in the handle industry.


  • For the production of our handles, we use recycled Aluminum, with a minimum of 96%.
  • Our manufacturing facilities operate on a closed loop system, where water is purified and reused.
  • Since January 2024, we have activated a photovoltaic system that covers about 20% of our needs.
  • Industrial waste disposal: more than 80% of our waste is recovered and reused for other purposes.
    Sustainability is a path, and Brialma is on the right track.

Aluminum Handle Production

Today, Brialma stands as a model of success in the landscape of aluminum handle production, thanks to the wide range of products we offer. Beyond handles, we propose entrance door knobs, pull handles and sliding lifts, DK hammers, Security Kits, kits for PVC and aluminum doors, accessories for armored doors, accessories for sliding doors, plates, rosettes and escutcheons, door stops, hammers, and cremone bolts. At Brialma, there is always a solution for every need and taste, thanks to the variety of styles, shapes, and finishes we offer. Our commitment in aluminum handle production is also reflected in the finishes of our products. From polished gold (OL finish, limited range), to silver, champagne, gold, bronze, stainless steel, to white and black painted and satin silver, each of our finishes is crafted with the utmost care for details and with the aim of ensuring unparalleled resistance and durability. Over the years, we have strengthened our position among aluminum handle manufacturers, thanks to our constant commitment to innovation and quality. We have invested in advanced technologies and qualified human resources, to ensure that each of our products meets the highest standards of quality and design. At Brialma, the passion for our work is reflected in every handle we produce. We know that details make the difference, and for this reason, we dedicate ourselves to creating products that are not only functional but also add a touch of style and personality to every environment. Our history and our experience make us unique among aluminum handle manufacturers. We are proud of what we have achieved and what we continue to do every day, with the same passion and dedication that has guided us from the beginning. Choosing Brialma means choosing experience, tradition, passion. It means choosing quality, innovation, design. It means choosing the beauty of details and excellence in service. Welcome to the world of superior quality aluminum handles, where every detail counts and where each product is the result of a perfect balance between design, functionality, and quality. Welcome to Brialma, your choice of excellence in the world of aluminum handle production.